Turning Page

Well, after much procrastination over my other blog, Infinititus, I finally bit the bullet and started fresh. As much as I loved writing stories and comics about Commander Kilfry, the theme was very restrictive on the the content and format that I published there. Sadly, I wanted more freedom. If any of you haven’t checked out Infinititus it’s still over at Blogspot, and I may yet write some more adventures for Commander Kilfry. The twelve year old in me will always love him and his eerie resemblance to Futurama’s Zapf Brannigan.

Nonetheless, we must move forward. On to bigger and better things…

eyE[before]E will be a much broader creative space than Infinititus was. I will be regularly posting short stories, art, articles and other rantings on these hallowed pages. To this end, check out the Art Gallery, I’ve already begun uploading some finished works from my portfolio. On top of that, as a special fanfare for my first blog post, I’m posting a short story that isn’t about zero-gravity fart jokes (ahh, Commander Kilfry…). It’s entitled ‘A Music Box‘ and is available to download both here and in the Writing section of the blog.

Stay tuned, in the coming weeks I’ll be posting some snippets of my upcoming novel, ‘Beneath a Clockwork Sun‘ as well as some more concept art. But in the short term, I hope you guys enjoy this –

A Music Box‘ by Ryan Brooks

Download PDFDownload Word Document

EDIT – Special thanks to Alex Szeman who helped immensely with the editing on ‘A Music Box’. Thanks Alex, you’re the best.


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