This is the first in a series of ongoing articles taking a look at fellow writers and artists and showcasing some of their talent. So, allow me to introduce Claudia Whitsitt.

Claudia is the Michigan based author ‘Identity Issues‘ and ‘The Wrong Guy‘, as well as being the mother of five children and a Special Education teacher. Claudia has been a ray of sunshine on Twitter lately, and I recommend dropping her a line (@claudiawhitsitt). Though, sadly, I haven’t read either of Claudia’s crime/thriller novels, I did have the pleasure of reading a short story essay by Claudia that was published in The Hummingbird Review, entitled ‘One Last Pearl‘.

One Last Pearl‘ is a short experiential story about a discussion between Claudia and one of her children’s teachers who is dying of cancer. It is a touching, heartfelt piece that is reflective of the author’s poignancy and concise writing ability. It is clear to me that Claudia’s technique and thoughtful prose make her a force to be reckoned with and I am eager to read more of her work.

Take the time to read this author.

Claudia’s short story, ‘One Last Pearl‘, can be viewed here – http://www.thehummingbirdreview.com/essaysprose-claudiawhitsitt.html

If you like what you read, her books are available for purchase through her website, located here – http://www.claudiawhitsitt.com/

Next, I’ll be interviewing my good friend, award winning author Alexandria Szeman, just as soon my landlady lets me back into the house (renovations for the next 2 days x_X), plus more BaCwS concept art to come!


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