Lock and Key

Alas, as I write this post I am still disenfranchised from my home as the renovations on it continue. My wife and I are currently staying with my sister and her husband (thanks Chlo and Sam :)) while we await our luxurious new staircase, which promises to be eyE-blisteringly awesome when finished #sarcasm. In the short term though, we’re both kinda doing that thing you do when life says ‘this is how it is, so suck it‘.

Obviously, there are a number of ways to deal with scenarios such as this. To flail wildly in anguish is one of them. To flop in a heap and let life walk all over you is another. And then there is the third, less-common option, which involves gracefully accepting one’s fate. Can’t beat ’em join ’em, n’all that.

We live in an era of human evolution where we are given an immense amount of choice. As we strive to gain greater degrees of social equality for humanity and as we gain greater degrees of control over ourselves and our environment, we have come to expect choice. We have also come to equate the freedom of choice with power, to the extent that when a choice is taken away we sometimes feel powerless.

This is an illusion.

You always have a choice, kids. Don’t fool yourselves into thinking that a lack of options is the same thing as not having a choice. Just because I am unable to fly doesn’t mean I can’t choose how I act on the ground. And there is power in knowing that.

On the subject of things we can’t change, Warhol’s Children have just posted an article by yours truly, about the unjust demise and inevitable resurrection of the cult TV show ‘Arrested Development‘. I suggest you check it out, if for no reason other than to look at the choice header image selected by Warhols for the piece, great work guys.

The article can be viewed here – http://warholschildren.me/post/42905830855/arrested-development-released-and-why-you-should-care

Millions of peaches for free.
And that’s all I have to say about that.


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