Middle Earth Trek or Why Vulcans are Actually Space Elves


Maybe I’m stepping into territories unknown with this topic. I am far from the world’s biggest Star Trek fan. Yes, I have seen all of the original series movies, and many late night reruns of the show itself. Yes, I know the difference between Voyager and Deep Space 9, and I have knowledge of the Vulcan/Romulan schism. Sadly though, this is where my cursory factoids come to an abrupt end. Nonetheless, as per the creedo of the Enterprise, I shall endeavor to go where I have not before.

It happened so suddenly, and once the veil was lifted it could not be undone, but it is clear to me now – Vulcans are actually Space Elves.

Just stop and think about it.

In a world where science and magic could be perceived to be two sides of the same coin, it makes perfect sense. The lithe, fey creatures of fantasy lore that are born of the illogical could easily become creatures of pure logic as the human race evolves and begins to comprehend their true nature. Consider the common element of their apathetic (though often haughty) natures. Consider their mutual fondness for isolation, for melee weaponry, and for embarking on epic treks. Consider those big, pointy-ass ears.

Tell me you didn’t wonder where Elrond and company vanished to when they decided to up and leave Middle Earth? That’s right, they hopped an interstellar survey vessel for the nearest terraformable planet and conjured up a climate system.

It’s almost too obvious.

Now, before I Photoshop a pic of Spock chomping on some lemnas bread, tell me why I’m wrong.


7 thoughts on “Middle Earth Trek or Why Vulcans are Actually Space Elves

  1. I just realized that myself yesterday, while watching tv. Had to look up the internet to know if more people thought the same. Thank you, sir.

  2. I have thought that also and really was convinced of it from the latest hobbit movie where the woodland Elves are so aloof and arrogant. I totally agree. Obviously, the copper based blood was an evolutionary change due to the world they found to inhabit.

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