So, for a few months I’ve been intermittantly posting concept art for ‘Beneath a Clockwork Sun’ (or BaCwS) on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with very little explanation. Now, thanks to the wonders of WordPress, I have made a soapbox-esque pedestal from which to shout my explanations.

Lucky you.

What is ‘Beneath a Clockwork Sun’, I hear you ask? An excellent question. BaCwS is the big project I’ve been working on for just over a year. It’s a fantasy/steam-punk novel that has consumed my attention to the point that many of my friends and family suspect that I’m a ghost or sasquatch-like creature, forever lurking on the periphery. What is BaCwS about? Another excellent question –

As a troll horde sweeps through the north of Sigilheim, armed with their deadly ‘Sun-Lance’ weapons, an heir to the dwindling Praetorship is born in the mountain fortress of Stromvasse. Carried away to the capitol under cover of night, the child is the nation’s best hope at mending the ever-deepening rift between the Barheim and the Sigilese peoples. But what hope do a page, a Matron, a Servitor and a cripple have of succeeding with an army of monsterous beasts at their backs? And what hope does the nation of Sigilheim have, when the true danger is not the war at its borders, but the asynchronous schism that dwells deep in its clockwork heart…?

And, to keep y’all interested while I smash out the first draft, here’s another piece of concept art from BaCwS –

stromwarden2This is a Strom Warden, one of the antiquated clockwork-knights of Stromvasse. The previous concept art sketches can be viewed from the Art Gallery, or through these thumbnails:


So, this should give you guys some idea of what to expect, while simultaneously proving that I am, indeed, actually doing something. Ha-HA! I told you so! Take that, world!

Stay tuned to this fixed quantum event.


2 thoughts on “BaCwS

    • Thanks Noelle! I’m coming up on the last quarter of the first draft, then it’s alpha and beta draft time… Stay tuned for more details, may be looking for beta readers in the coming months. 😉

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