The Hogwarts Library Conspiracy

hogwartscol(small)Every time I watch a Harry Potter movie or pick up one of the books, it mystifies me that none of the characters make use of an English-to-Latin dictionary. Surely the students and teachers must have noticed at some point that the spells they learn are all variations of ancient Latin words, bent to the will of the wand-bearer? Surely it would save everyone hours of studying spellbooks if the school simply invested in an electronic translator and started stringing together their own charms?

‘Sectum semper’ could have been discovered years earlier, if Harry had only thought to look up ‘cut-that-big-bastards-head off’ on the first day of school. Of course, if the dececlenation was wrong the spell could easily turn into ‘cut-my-head-off’, so it’s probably for the best that inventing spells isn’t common practice among Harry and his chums. Nonetheless, I can only assume that Hogwart’s Librarians are the chief perpetrators of a massive conspiracy to supress all the English-to-Latin dictionaries within the grounds of of the school.

In their totalitarian desperation to keep the unwashed masses in the dark, the Library obviously systematically acquires and destroys the only book that can render it pointless in entirety. Who needs ancient tomes and grimoires when you have every spell you need in your breastpocket?

Keep watching the books.


7 thoughts on “The Hogwarts Library Conspiracy

    • Good question, Martin. Actually, I think that thinking Swahili is the safest course for wordless magic. Of course, I have never actually graduated beyond 7th form at Hogwarts, when I was expelled for not submitting to the mandatory magical cavity searches. 🙂

  1. I guess they are using the old Latin as it suppose to be in that time and then move forward to our age?.. I think you learn more if you have to put your head into a dictionary.. if you get my grip?.. Sorry for my language English is my second language

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