Let’s Make It Official (also, Free Stuff)

Okay, a few exciting changes at eyE[before]E today. In the interest of further legitimising my endeavours as a professional blogger, I’ve splashed out for a domain! That’s right kids, no more wasting precious seconds typing eyebeforee.wordpress.com into your browsers; now it’s www.eyebeforee.com all the way!

The second exciting change is that, after many hours of design, I have created…

The eyE[before]Tee!

vetruvian-eye-shirt-ad-blackThat’s right, the tasteful ‘Vetruvian Eye‘ design that hangs from eyE[before]E’s masthead is now available for purchase in clothing form from the newly added eyE[before]Store and from Skreened.com. It is available in black, white and natural in a variety of styles; fitted tee, v-neck, tank top, long sleeve, baseball tee, hoodie, tote bag, and even as a child’s onesie. Adults and kids sizes are available and pricing begins at $18.99, though varies depending on the style. Better yet, Skreened.com has a promotion running where you get 20% off long sleeved clothing if you enter the coupon code ‘SLEEVES‘ at the checkout! Sale ends on the 29th of March though, so you’d better get in there quick. 🙂

Keep your eyes peeled for more up and coming shirt designs and prints from eyE[before]E, and I hope to have a some shirt giveaways coming up in the near future also! In the meantime though, the talented Tom Landaluce is giving away 5 paperback copies of his book ‘The Tragic Death of Corporate Man‘. Simply follow this link to his homepage and retweet his post to enter the draw! It’s almost stupid not to do it. 🙂

Snootchie bootchies.


7 thoughts on “Let’s Make It Official (also, Free Stuff)

    • Yes Ionia, finally I am free from the yoke of literary oppression. No more shall I feel the weight of word’s press bearing down on my hapless mortal frame! No more shall I recoil at the threat of a lashing tongue or fist clenched pen! The time is now, my rhetoric-hungry cohorts! Carpe linguam! 🙂

  1. That’s great! I’m still Blogging… You alone convinced me to stay alive… Welcome to the delusional world in which I live in.

    toad (chris jensen)

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