No, YOU’RE a Big Baby

Is it weird that I cry a little when I watch kids movies?

Honestly, most other TV shows or movies that I wreck-it-ralphwatch don’t evoke a physiological response from me. Still, I sat down to watch ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ the other day and I unerringly choked up at the climax. The worse part is that there aren’t really any sad bits in ‘Wreck-It Ralph’. It’s just that something about tragedy popping the bubble of childlike-nostalgia makes me want to weep like a widowed seamstress.

Actually, there is one other thing that makes me cry the same way kids movies do – super hero movies. I know, I know, it sounds stupid, and I am certain it’s pulling the same emotional triggers as the aforementioned genre. Still, I watch the introduction to ‘Watchmen‘, where it shows the rise and fall of the superheroes background synched to ‘The Times Are A Changing’ by Bob Dylan, and I want to sob. ‘Doctor Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog’ is another one that gets me going, though in all fairness you’d have to be a heartless monster to not get emotional over that masterpiece. #JossWhedonIsMyMasterNow

I will say that I think I am a strong believer in nurturing your inner-child. I believe that, psychologically speaking, all of us contain the raw elements of broader social trends. I believe we all have inner-children, inner-parents, inner-masculine, and inner-feminine qualities, though for some of us certain traits are naturally more inclined than others.

It is important to give all of these traits a chance to be made conscious, so that they don’t lash out through our subconscious in unexpected ways. Truthfully, I’m all too happy to watch cartoons and sob a little so that my inner-5-year old doesn’t feel neglected. Thanks to the slew of awesome movies Pixar has been cranking out, that’s fine by me.

Now, since you’ve all been so very good and listened to me so patiently, here’s your treat – the intro to ‘Watchmen‘ feat. the musical stylings of Bob Dylan. A word of warning though; it is a little graphic. Just be thankful I didn’t post the first 5 minutes of ‘Up‘.


Also, who likes the new header? 🙂

Let me know if you see a radio shack.


27 thoughts on “No, YOU’RE a Big Baby

  1. Great post, Ryan and so true… It happens to me every time that I take my little kids to the cinema, and just this Saturday, in fact, at The Rise of the Guardians, for heaven’s sakes! And the first ten to fifteen minutes of ‘Up’ are indeed a work of cinematic and story-telling genius.

    • Cheers Paul. 🙂

      Yup, Rise of the Guardians got me too. And dude, don’t even get me started on the beginning of ‘Up’. Just thinking about it makes me want to bawl…

      Still, it’s nice we live in an era where cinematic story-telling has become such a refined art that such a high calibre of narrative is expected from children’s movies. Genius indeed. 🙂

  2. I think the writing in animated films is exceptional… Since Pixar stepped up to bat, the other filmmakers have risen to the challenge. Up is one of the best films ever made, we saw ParaNorman last year, and I was sobbing (yeah, I’m a girl, but still…) and I always forget how emotional the opening to Watchmen is and I adore Dr. Horrible!!! Oh, anyway, I’m digging your insights, Ryan… Oh, and I love the new banner 😉

    • Up is pretty phenomenonal, Shannon. I haven’t actually seen Paranorman, adding to watch list.

      And thank you, I’m really glad you’re enjoying my blog. It’s all about connecting and conversing with intelligent, like-minded people for me, so I’m glad that you’re sticking around. 😉

  3. If you really wanna cry, try watching a movie next to a five-year-old. I never cried so much as I did watching my daughter cry at Brave. For her it was the thought of the girl losing her mother.

    But I cry at everything, movies, any live performance, practically any good music, especially if I’m driving alone. If you can’t enjoy a good cry, why be human?

  4. well I’ll watch anything if Dylan is singing – he’s been my hero since he first appeared on the stage waaaay back – I’m not too au fait with Pixar films but I can cry at the most stupid of things – some which aren’t even sad for goodness sake. I have to be careful now not to set myself off as since I have heart problems too much ’emotion’ fiction or not makes it difficult – heart cannot keep up with the chemicals released with emotion – who would have thought reading and writing and relaxing to a good film would ever be bad for one’s health – but Dylan now – he’s the man isn’t he?

    Enjoyed the blog:)

    • Good observation, Tom. I hadn’t really thought about it, but Up totally put the salary at the start to catch the audience off guard. Very interesting… 🙂

      I feel like I need to rewatch Wall-E. It’s been awhile, but I remember enjoying. Cheers Tom. 🙂

  5. When I find myself holding in emotions or need to evoke a release, I watch Finding Nemo. It has tragedy, courage, desperation and triumph all rolled into one. Great post and thanks for following. I am going to get back to movies in May.

    • Thanks Dres, that may be the best compliment I’ve ever gotten. 🙂

      I do my best to affect positive change in my audience through my words. But ultimately, I believe that positive change comes from within. I am just fortunate that my words are positive enough to draw in lovely people like yourself who want to heal and grow in turn. 😉

      Also, I love your art on your blog. Phenomenal!

      • Of course 🙂

        BTW it is Dre 😉 Short for Andrea…

        You are definitely right w/ change coming from w/in…Its a long journey for a spiritual warrior…well worth it though and incredibly beautiful to not only live it but observe it.

        Thank you for the compliment and nice to meet you 🙂

  6. Sailor Moon… My inner child loves cheesy Japanese anime!! Cheesy or not, I love the opportunity to connect with young victoria, the girl who still believes wholeheartedly that true love is the kind found in the stars. Great post!!

    • I hear that, Victoria. I also am a sucker for anything animated. Love Studio Ghibli, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto… Anything where the hero powers up to ridiculously exaggerated levels in preparation for a fight, and my inner child screams with glee. Really love the message of those sorts of anime – you can do anything you put your mind to. Cheers Victoria! 🙂

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