eyE[am]Hannah – Time Dilation

Very excited today to hand y’all over to a close friend of mine; one Miss Hannah Leigh Yarbrough. Hannah is an exceptionally talented musician, writer, poet, astronomer,  historian and philosopher (among many other things) who continues to impress me with her broad and intimate knowledge of causal reality and all its mysteries. She has graciously agreed to share her musings with you guys in true eyE[before]E style, following on from my ‘Welcome to Atlantis‘ post last week. I, for one, hope this post isn’t her last.

It is my pleasure to give you the quixotic mind of the querulous Hannah Leigh Yarbrough.

Time Dilation: Ancient Crystalised Thoughthannah

By Hannah Leigh Yarbrough

In reading Ryan’s eloquent posts of late, delving curiously into the lovemaking of science and the metaphysical, my own thoughts swim with potential underwater causality. Come, let us splash for a moment inside the flaming gaze of the Vitruvian Eye.

There’s a Hindu tale of ancients from 700 BCE of King Kakudmi of Kusasthali (an underwater kingdom) and his daughter Revati. King Kakudmi, a mystic, took his daughter dimension travelling to see the Creator, Lord Brahma. After visiting with Lord Brahma regarding a suitor for his beloved Revati, the Creator laughed and explained that time worked differently between planes of existence. The suitors King Kakudmi asked of were now dead. 

In the mere moments they’d been in Brahma-loka, many years already passed upon Earth and under the Sea. This is the first recorded tale of time travel that we know of.

In another Japanese legend from around 720 CE, Urashima Tarō speaks of a fisherman, who travels to an undersea Dragon Palace. He stays 3 days and finds his village 300 years into the future when he returns.

Let me, if you will, enter my metaphysical-making-love-to-science thoughts. Neutrinos and tachyonic particles – both travel faster than the speed of light. What, if inside us, traces of such cosmic particles exist?

In Puerto Rico today, there are three Bioluminescent Bays, which glow indigo blue, filled with prehistoric one-cell organisms, half-plant and half-animal. What if all of us were also bioluminescent when stimulated by particular photonics crystals (which are three dimensional)? Do such key crystals lie beneath the seas, waiting to fuel our travel between dimensions? I must wonder, if our bodies aren’t part-cosmic, part earth, part-water, part-past, part-future?

Time, the starkest illusion.

Atlantis, where art thou?


(Image credit to Matho Mathis)

Hannah can be looked up on Twitter. I highly recommend dropping her a line, if only to listen to her e’er enchanting thought processes and her eloquent command of forgotten tongues.

Gratias, Hannah. 😉


12 thoughts on “eyE[am]Hannah – Time Dilation

  1. I humbly thank-you for your generosity, Ryan. An immense pleasure, being your guest.

    I suppose, since I’m a damn perfectionist of sorts, I’d like to clarify my thoughts in regards to Physics.

    About a year ago, there was a big hoopla in the Physics community regarding Neutrinos. One experiment claimed to prove Neutrinos were indeed faster than light~which potentially rebuked Einstein’s coveted theory of special relativity. (aka: nothing travels faster than light;)

    It was disproved, but has been conceded Neutrinos are AS FAST as light. ‘Tachyonic particles’, is a hypothetical name in Physics for the ‘faster than light particle’, we hope to find.

    But, Ah~the experiment did not use photonics crystals from underneath the magical Seas to excite the Neutrinos! (I believe the future of Physics lies in Neutrinos, Photonics crystals, and Dark matter)

    I wish all a lovely day of thoughts expanded. May we all write~with fire. And may Ryan, mea poeta, continue to enlighten and charm us all;)

  2. Great post. Discoveries in science continue to amaze me, but when new announcements/proclamations are made, I await the results of others testing the claims …. after all, that is how science works.

    • Frank, I wholeheartedly agree, Sir.
      I remember reading the Neutrinos experiment got quite nasty, with inaccurate claims boiled down to a faulty cable. (People lost their jobs.)

      On a side note, I will be going to WholeFoods in search of the farro grain, to make your lovely looking recipe. I thank-you for your thoughts. 😉

      • Hannah,
        FYI: Note the price on Amazon as a price comparison. We have a Whole Foods nearby, and for whatever reason, we bought on Amazon.

        Meanwhile, liars usually got caught … and the odds are even greater in science.

  3. Thanks to Hannah for bringing back a memory of a childhood trip to Puerto Rico and standing on a dock at night, watching the water for the flash of bioluminescence as the fish moved below the surface.

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