question-markIt’s been nearly a week since I’ve written a love letter to the world.

Honestly, it’s been something of a relief. Though I started this blog with the intent of keeping it going as much as possible, I have no idea how some of you bloggers out there manage one (or more) posts every day. Of course, I have been busy trying to finish BaCwS, as well as tending to the demands of my real life.

That’s right. I’m sure it may come as a shock to many of you, especially since I don’t talk about it much, but there is indeed a real human being on the other side of the information stream, his digits clicking away amidst the press of plastic alpha-numeric equivalencies. I don’t tend to talk about my real life much, mostly because I’m very big on compartmentalisation, but also because I’m a firm believer in the power of enigmaticism. There is a mystic quality to any mystery, of that there is no mistake. When knowledge is withheld, it excites the innate storyteller in all of us. In the presence of a vacuum of information, our consciousnesses will rush in to fill the void, imagining anything and everything, possible and impossible, in our desire to stem the looming tide of fearful unknowing.

Tell a person something about yourself and they’ll try to know you.

Don’t tell them anything, and they’ll try to understand you.

And I’d much rather be sparingly understood than widely known, I fear.

Now, I have been nominated for a few peer awards upon starting this blog which I am very thankful for, but have largely ignored up until now. Mostly because, as flattered as I am (and I am very flattered), these don’t seem to be awards so much as chain letters.

However, it has been pointed out to me that the peer awards are good as an excuse for networking and showcasing the talents of fellow bloggers, and I do love showcasing the greater blogging community. So, instead of accepting the awards formally, I have instead decided to simply give a few honourable mentions to a few blogs that I think deserve it. 🙂

leclownA Clown On Fire – I’m certain many of you are familiar with Le Clown’s work. For anyone unfamiliar with him, Le Clown’s irreverant writing style and backhanded observations are well worth checking out.  Do yourself a favour.

coppersloane 29 – The blog of the one Copper Sloane Levy. Copper’s intelligent, factually-informed opinion blog appeals to the knowledge-hound in me. Well informed, witty, and, above all, always interesting. Bad-ass work, Copper.

stephanierogersShe Said What? – A random collection of thoughts, stories and topics from the talented Stephanie Rogers. Somehow Stephanie always manages to make me smile, which makes her blog a priceless commodity in mine eyE.

chrisjensenthisoldtoad – Chris Jensen’s blog journals his life on the streets of Vancouver. His POV photography and reflections on urban travels really sparks something inside me and speaks to a societal wound. Great work.

amelthaltblinksdazedandconfused – Poetic, dark, and definitely 18+, Amelthalt Blinks has captured something candid and erotic in a scene heavily saturated with mediocre erotica. Unapologetic and well-written. Standing ovation.

ioniamartinReadful Things Blog – Ionia Martin is a treasure to the blogging and independant writing community. Whether writing poetry, book reviews or opinions articles, Ionia’s posts are always engaging. You’re a peach, I.M..

Let me just say that there are so many awesome blogs out there that I follow that it was hard to pick just a few for a mention. I will try to make a regular habbit of giving more of you guys the props you so obviously deserve.

In the meantime, I’ve got plans on the horizon for an ongoing series of posts designed to draw out the enigmatic story-tellers in all of us. Just when you thought I couldn’t make any more bad puns on the title of this blog…

Coming soon – eyE[potheticals] 🙂



34 thoughts on “En¿gmass

    • Meant every word, Amelthalt.

      And I’d much rather take the time to talk about an the thought-provoking work someone else is doing than filling in a generic, rubber-stamped award questionairre. 😉

      • really, really nice of you. writing a blog and responding to comments is enough. I’d say. you’ve surpassed yourself with this. And I think awards aren’t suited to introverts who enjoy and entertain a love of mystery. it’s not every-ones style to accept an award. I hope I never get one. Lol! But this is sweet. Thank you again.
        May you always be inspired to write. x

  1. Awww Ryan! Thank you for your kind words! That is a huge compliment coming from someone as awesome as you! I really do believe this blogging thing is a whole lot better when we can bounce off each other.
    The mystery of the person behind the blog is an interesting concept. I started my blog with that in mind but I’ve found that as I keep going with it more and more of me gets spewed out into the workd with each passing day!

    • Agreed, Steph. There’s no eyE in blogging… 🙂

      And yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts. As I continue to network, and blog, and write, my compartmentalisation habbits are going to have to recede. As it is, my personal life is coming into contact with my work for Warhols Children, since I’m starting to go to events and conduct interviews for them. Plus I’m slated to go to writers convention in Syd in May to meet up with some digital friends. So, this is what it’s like when worlds collide… 🙂

      • Ha ha yep. The mystery doesn’t seem to last. There’s a wordpress blogger meet up in Texas in October too. It’s being organised by Becca at 25tofly. It is a little odd at first when the words on the screen morph into real people, and then into real friends that you actually come to care about. It has happened to me. Although a bit weird I actually see it as one of the best unexpected perks of blogging. Have fun at your meet up, Sydney is nice this time of year.

  2. Just reading your posts gives me an inkling to the kind of man you are. But, I’ll keep my opinions to myself… Great post – and congratulations on your nominations!
    Much love.

  3. “..especially since I don’t talk about it much…” This line just SENT me. I’m hooked. Thanks for being here and for being human.

  4. Enigmaticism! I like it! Have you read Pattern Recognition or Zero History by William Gibson? Both, and especially the latter, talk about a kind of marketing that tries to develop a cult following by keeping everything below-the-radar.

    • You deserve it, Ionia. Your blog is a lynchpin of my online reading. Your relentless dedication and heartfelt observations inspire me to be a better blogger. I thank you for being so awesome, and also for your own kind words. 🙂

      If I had an award, I would give it to you. But in the interest of not perpetuating that cycle, I give you something better instead. *cheek-smooch* ^^

      • I’d rather have the smooch. You are very correct about the chain letter feeling of the blog awards. I appreciate the kind thoughts but can’t stand the this and that many questions thing and the guilt I feel over nominating people who might be annoyed with me for it. You sir, are a gentleman and a genius.

  5. Thanks Ryan, you really hit a nerve with the mention, placing with the other great blogs as well. Lol


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  7. Hi Ryan
    I share your scepticism about the whole chain letter comparison… I received a couple of these awards and shared this thought on my blog, but decided to include nominations since it can’t hurt to include a link to your blog elsewhere. So I nominated you, just FYI (prior to reading this post…)
    Obviously, there’s no need to ‘accept’ the nomination, but just wanted to say thanks for liking Damyanti’s post showcasing my upcoming book, ‘Visions’, during the A to Z Challenge – it’s how I discovered your blog.
    All the best ☺

  8. I agree with the whole ‘chain letter’ feel to the acceptance of these awards, I was nominated for a couple and like your good self, I was (and reamain) very flattered, it is magnificent to be recognised by other writers, especially the talented ones who nominated. This was a great post, Ryan and i can see why you recieved your own nomination. I found this part of your post to be most profound:
    ‘When knowledge is withheld, it excites the innate storyteller in all of us. In the presence of a vacuum of information, our consciousnesses will rush in to fill the void, imagining anything and everything, possible and impossible, in our desire to stem the looming tide of fearful unknowing.’
    Write on, superstar, write on, I’ll be back (big man hugs from Baldy) 🙂

    • Haha, you flatter me, Kieran. What a pleasant surprise to wake up this morning to a stack of such lovely comments on my posts, thank you sir. You humble me. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed it, as you know I have indeed been following your blog also. Keep writing yourself, my friend. The world needs our words. 😉

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