Martyrs and Masochists

blood-knifeWhat currency is worth more than human blood?

Horded by misers,

fearing red river’s flood.

Who won’t risk a spill

in spite of blood’s call;

Ever beating twin drums

of love and lust’s thrall.

Where passions price

comes in carnage and gore,

Martyrs and masochists will always pay more.

Bloodletting release after eons of pain,

Barters bliss

and the thought

that it ought not

be in vain.

But shaving life’s mane

tempers power in paw,

As angels and thorns

raise a differing roar,

And spent blood is in circulation once more.


20 thoughts on “Martyrs and Masochists

    • Haha, my favourite kind. 🙂

      Thanks Ionia, I do enjoy poetry, but truthfully my plate’s pretty full with my first love – narrative. Nonetheless, I’ll submit verse when I can, just for you. 😉

  1. and the thought

    that it ought not

    be in vain.
    this was a terrific line, Ryan, there was a brilliant feel to it when read aloud and the ending (As angels and thorns

    raise a differing roar,) was great too, I really liked this, pal. Excellent poem. 🙂
    Whereabouts are you in Oz? My brother in-law lives in Melbourne and my wife and I came over twice, both times to Western Australia (Perth was cool, Freemantle was ace and Rotnest Island was a dream). Thanks for your support lately, Ryan, I am glad you have been enjoying the fantasy appendices from my mythology. I will be posting poetry again soon but am hoping to get a bit more of my world out there for now. Keep smiling and keep writing, best wishes from Baldy 🙂

    • Thanks, Kieran, glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

      I live an hour and a half north of Sydney, so middle east coast. I’ve never seized the opportunity to go to Melbourne, though it sounds awesome by all accounts. Perth I’ve visited a numbeof times tho, lovely city. Western Australia is very quiet and less densely populated by comparison to eastern Australia. Lovely… 🙂

      I have indeed been enjoying them, Kieran. I’m a sucker for fantasy in all its forms, and your work is looking great. Keep up the awesome work yourself. ^^

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