In 2011, I started a humour based blog entitled ‘Infinititus – or The Conceptually Noteworthy Adventures of Commander Kilfry‘. Infinititus primarily featured a series of satirical science fiction stories, and later several short comics, revolving around a character named Commander Kilfry and his escapades through a variety of cliched futuristic settings. Sadly, I have needed to broaden the nature of my blog so that I could talk about my other projects, so Infinititus has been put on the backburner. Still, Commander Kilfry’s adventures remain posted at Blogspot. I may yet continue to detail his sexy, action-packed chronicles, but then again I may not. Regardless though, his memory shall live on in the hearts and minds of obese astronauts everywhere.

The Infinititus blog can be found here –

Semper fi, Kilfry.


– Ryan


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