These short stories are a sample of my body of work and are for private use only. Please contact me in regards to using them on a commercial basis. Thankyou and enjoy.

‘A Music Box’ by Ryan Brooks

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“Ryan Brooks captured my heart with his story ‘A Music Box’. Richly written, provocative and profound, I was both stunned and moved by this story of a young man fighting to reclaim his passion and his life.” Claudia Whitsitt, Author of ‘Identity Issues


18 thoughts on “Writing

    • Thanks Shannon, that means a lot to me. 🙂

      Unfortunately, for the time being this is the only piece of fiction I’ve published online. I’m bit of a literary perfectionist, so my first novel has been shelved and my other short stories haven’t made the cut. Nonetheless, I will be posting more flash fiction in the near future, and my 2nd novel, Beneath a Clockwork Sun, will be dropping later in the year, so stay tuned for more updates. 😉

  1. Hey Ryan, thanks for the follow. Good luck with the novel! I have previously subscribed to the ‘don’t show it until it’s ready’ principle, but have flipped that on its head. Time will tell whether I have made the right choice

    • Thanks Ravensquillz, it means a lot to me that you enjoyed it so much. One of the nicest reviews I’ve ever gotten, thank you. I just started looking at your stuff too, I really love your writing, on both your blog and in Restitution. You have a very refined and well-honed style that is rare in indie publishing, you’ve obviously put a lot of work into your craft. Looking forward to spending some time reading over your stuff later (very late here right now). 🙂

      • Thank you from the tip of my pen, and the flow of my heart! What a beautiful day to create infinite connections to others, and I am grateful for this one. I appreciate the time you spent on my writing, and am deeply humbled and grateful for your response to it. What a wonderful encouragement. Sleep well, dream. Courtney

  2. “Beautiful” does not adequately convey my thoughts – it is inadequate – but had to let you know, somehow, how truly magnificent this creation is – the words, the flow and the meaning –

    • Thank you, Tamrah. There’s no question that there’s power in words. I’m glad I was able to channel some of that innate power through this particular narrative configuration for you. ^^

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